Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

Hello All,

I hope everyone's week was productive, and I'm quite happy you decided to join me on this weeks journey. I have a lot of exciting information to share with you today, from this week's feature Prabal Gurung x Target, to my designer "find" of the week, an amazing celebrity shoe designer by the of Hendrick Brun.

Prabal Gurung x Target :

 From Maison Martin Margiela x H&M to Narsico Rodriguez x Kohls, high end designers collaborating with lower price point stores is a trend I'm sure all of my fashionistas can appreciate. With collections usually being priced at hundreds and even thousands of dollars, I must say it is a breath of fresh air to hear that your favorite designer can be obtained with as low as $29.99. Sounds so beautiful that I must say it again..$29.99?? So you're telling me that I don't have to chose between paying my rent and keeping my closet up to date with the latest trends? I'm all for it!!

 I can honestly say I love the new addition to the class of designers who are making this happen for us: Prabal Gurung. Prabal Gurung launched his first runway collection during fashion week 2009, and has been making a huge impact on the industry since then. Between interning with designers such as Donna Karan and, learning rules of the trade from Parsons, you can say that Gurung has been taught well; and I believe that shows in this exciting spring ready collection. The collection debuts in stores on February 10th, just in time for Valentines day, which makes sense because the line is dedicated to the various dating styles of a woman.

"The collection is inspired by a girls journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears during each milestone..from the first date to meeting the parents to the engagement." Via

Date night it does represent, the line can be described as playful, colorful, bold, and sooo spring! From the florals and bright colors to the fun prints, pieces from this line are a must have for your spring wardrobe. Prices range anywhere from $13.00-$200.00. Here are some of my favorites from the lookbook via


More information available at : or

Fashion Find of the week:  Shoe Designer Hendrick Brun

  As I've told you before, i'm a sucker for a good deal, I also am a sucker for a more "personal designer". I hate having the same look as other people or having someone instantly know where I got any piece of my outfit from. Now, I realize sometimes this is unavoidable, however, I try hard anyway. This obsession leads me to websites such as etsy, big cartel and even social networks such as Instagram; basically anywhere that upcoming designers display their work. I love new talent, and I love to support it even more. Which brings me to introduce you guys to Hendrick Brun, luxury shoes for a fair price point, shoes vary in pricing from $100.00-$170.00. The East Coast based shoe line can be described as edgy meets sophisticated , you will find everything from traditional various colored pumps, to heels with studs ,and my personal favorite, a suede number with a wooden sole and heel. Oh, and I did I mention divas such as Snooki, Taraji P. Henson, and Lola Monroe have been spotted rocking the line? 

Wither you're a daring diva, or a simple gal, this shoe line is one to pay attention to; I for one can't wait to see more from this design diva! Here are my faves:


Muse of the week: Noelle Scantlebury
                                      Location: Brooklyn, NY
                                      Occupation: Mother, Makeup Artist

"The thing I always loved about makeup, is that, there are no rules in makeup. You do whatever it is to make yourself feel comfortable and feel beautiful. And although a lot of people do feel like its a mask, I have to disagree.. I think it's a way for me to express myself, and anything that allows me to express myself.. I DO IT..Makeup and beauty is how I express myself." VIA

Photo Credit: Moi

For makeup tutorials from Noelle Check out her YouTube channel:

Christine Marie
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Intros Are In Order

Hello All,

  I would like to first welcome you to Fashion Lane! I'll be your tour guide Christine Marie, I am 23 years old and, reside in the home of Biggie & Jay..Brooklyn. As you walk with me on this fashion journey, I intend to uncover all the fashion possibilities your thoughts can even dare to dream of. From New York to Paris , from runways to sidewalks, I cover it all. You see, the goal is to combine high fashion with street fashion; so, for every runway look, I will provide a lower cost option so that we all can look a million bucks on a budget. (Balling on a budget). I am a firm believer and, former student turned teacher that to look great, you don't need to break your pockets, and that's what I want to share with the world. With websites such as Just Fab, Shoe Mint, Big Cartel, and Etsy; it is too easy to achieve chic for cheap! However, don't get me wrong, there will be a few detours and pit stops along the way, timeless=splurge. If I see a great piece that is a bit (and by bit I mean a lot) over budget, I will not hesitate to share; because after all, a fashion addicts got to do what a fashion addicts got to do.

 That's not all though, along this journey there will be some attractions, such as:

Photography & Stylist : Did I mention I'm an amateur photographer and stylist? So, I will be displaying some of my work.

My Muses: Portraits I take of everyday people I know who inspire me. At the end of my entry each week I will feature one person, their goals and a little on their personal style.

Links: To my column on where I interview fellow upcoming artist in the
industry. I.e: Designers, Makeup Artist, Stylist, and music artist. Also, a link to another blog I have in the works where I do pieces on upcoming designers to look out for. (I will keep you all posted)

My Style: Self Explanatory

The "Found" Section: Instagram @fashionquickie  My picture blog, where I post pictures of random fashion pictures I've trailed through the internet to find.

...Busy Huh?

Ok guys, I'm sure your feet are tired, and so are mine. That'll be it for this week, tune in every Saturday for the blog in its entirety. But! before you leave, some eye candy. Check some of my favorite trend looks for the Spring'13 season. Men: Bright colors Women:Yves Klein Blue

Men Trend Watch: Bright Colors

Not much to say but fun fun fun! For your daring gentleman only, this trend was all over the runway this season. From Gucci, to a personal favorite Salvatore Ferragamo designers perfected the color blocking trend. And I must say I am in love! Whoever said all green suits were tacky lied.

Christian Lacroix, Gucci, Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo

Women's Trend Watch: Yves Klien Blue

 Named after the French Artist Yves Klien who was one of the most influential figures in post-war European Art. "The Blue Epoch" aka Yves Klein Blue was patented by the painter in the 1950s. Designers such as Stella McCartney, and Elie Saab paid homage to the great painter on this year's catwalk.
                                     Stella McCartney, Hermes, Hussien Chalayan, Elie Saab

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